Guest Log
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Guests of the Black Dog are kindly invited to share their lodging and 4-Wheeling experiences.  Please email them for publication to Black Dog.  All are also invited to submit digital pictures to the Webmaster.  Please don't hesitate to share pictures from around the farm or on the trails. 


The group really enjoyed the stay in the house this weekend. You have a great home and we all were very pleased with the work and how you have everything laid out. You have a top notch establishment that other places we have stayed cannot even be compared too. I thank you for all that you do for us and groups like us. Everyone we spoke with had great respect and was pleased to know you. We will be back in the spring to visit your house again and I hope that it works out that we can meet you the next time.

Again thanks for everything.

Rodney G Shore
Yadkinville NC

11/2005 - --Hey, I was lucky enough to spend a few days at the ranch in November 2005,got to ride the trails and meet the locals. what an experience, the accommodations are just right, it feels like you are at home, very comfortable and clean.  Mr. Bailey really goes out of his way to make sure everything is ok.
I am planning a return trip in February 2006.
Thanks a lot Mr Bailey, I am looking forward to some more of your special hospitality CHRIS "GUITARMOTOR" ROSE

my friends and I have stayed at the Bailey house several times in the past few years, the most recent on memorial week . we always have a blast ! the house is beautifully decorated and always immaculate! the washer / dryer sure comes in handy too ! especially after the last time when we got caught in a gigantic thunderstorm ! we were about 3 miles down the trail and heard the thunder ,we didnít think it would be that bad ! Well, it poured and it lightning and hailed the size of nickels ! that was painful ! once lightning hit a tree about 30 yards away and one of our gang, Stuart, saw it hit and said there was a fire ball 8 feet across! the rest of us had our heads down ! we were all crouched down around one of the 4 wheelers , trying not to get struck by lightning! we kept thinking it was going to let up then it would be a big crack of lightning and start hailing harder than ever ! after about 45 min it finally let up a little and we hightailed it back to the Bailey house as fast as we could . it still rained and stormed for about and hour after we got back! we have a lot more stories about adventures we have had while staying at Bailey house ! we are planning on coming back real soon !! here are some pics of our last stay. lovin WV, cat, bear, stu & lesa